Mercodia Lp(a) ELISA provides a method for the quantitative determination of human Lipoprotein (a) in serum or plasma.

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Kit format: 1 x 96 wells
Measurement range: 0.3-5.0 U/L

  • Calibrated against a highly purified, fully validated, commercial Lp(a) preparation.
  • Short incubation time
  • CE/IVD labeled on select markets

Test Characteristics

Samples: Serum, EDTA and heparin plasma Sample volume: 25 µL Assay range: 0.3 – 5.0 U/L Detection limit: 0.07 U/L Incubation:1 h + 1 h + 15 min Detection method: absorbance


The following cross-reactions have been tested:
Plasminogen n.d.
Apolipoprotein B n.d.

n.d.= not detected