EIAAB SCIENCE INC, WUHAN is committed to the research and development in life science field. We possess core technologies such as genetic recombination, immunochromatography, labeling, pairing and coating. Main products: Elisa kit, Polyclonal/Monoclonal Antibody, Recombinant protein, 171 kinds of human primary cells (iCell®), etc. Technical services: online customization, gene cloning and expression/gene knockout, cell isolation, culture, resuscitation, STR detection and analysis. Our business also covers life sciences related areas: Protein aa sequence and 3D structure database (aa3D), sample detection resource database (SPDB), artificial intelligence laboratory (AI-Lab), etc.

Worldwide Supply

EIAab is entitled to the qualification of its own imports and exports. All the preparation, assembling and manufacturing of the products strictly conform to the standard of EIAab. We are making great efforts to independent innovation in order to reduce the production costs and gradually cut down material import, further reducing the the expense of the science reagents for universities and research centers of life science.

EIAab® Technology

Our office and the Research & Development Center are located at East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan,China.Our company is equipped with ultra-low temperature freezer, blood sampling and pretreatment center, experimental animal farm. All of our employees possess bachelor degree, and most of them possess doctor degree or master degree. Their majors cover a full range of related life sciences fields, such as Medical Science Immunology, Pharmacy, Technology, Agronomy, Environmentalology, etc.

Development Prospect

At the 21st century, the focus of world science technology has been quietly turned to biotechnology. Life science becomes the front and core battlefield of biotechnology and biomedical engineering. With new technique emerging in an endless stream and the broad application prospect, life science covers almost every field, which determines that our company will also become an active, open and high-tech enterprise.