Dermacura Eczema Clothing
the soft skin protection for itching and eczema

DermaCura eczema clothing is a medical device for covering and fixing ointment therapy for chronic skin conditions such as atopic eczema and psoriasis. The clothing protects damaged skin (epidermis) and prevents scratching. DermaCura eczema clothing is available in a wide range of forms and sizes for babies, children and adults.

The main functions of DermaCura eczema clothing are to cover and fix ointment therapy for chronic skin conditions such as atopic eczema and psoriasis.


  • Reduces skin irritation and itching
  • Protects against scratching
  • Protects against drying out of the epidermis
  • Improves moisture regulation and absorption
  • Provides a cooling effect on the skin by thermoregulation

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Ecological responsibility at Allergo Healthcare

As a company in the healthcare industry, Allergo Healthcare attaches particular importance to sustainable, resource-conserving production and management. It is our endeavour that our products and services offer our customers a high quality of life, are produced fairly on site and protect the environment. This is how we produce health products that help people and protect nature. When selecting our partners, e.g. the manufacturer of our material, we also pay attention to a sustainable and environmentally friendly production method. In this way, we ensure that the entire production chain of Allergo Encasing is environmentally friendly and sustainable.
Environmentally friendly use

Allergo Encasings are made of microfilaments. These are durable materials that cause less waste due to their longevity.

Safe composition

No solvents or chemical binders are used in the manufacture of the material for our Allergo Encasings.

Tested for harmful substances according to OEKO TEX® Standard 100

The components and materials used in our encasings meet the following requirements the test criteria of ÖKO TEX® STANDARD 100 (product class 1) and are therefore also suitable for babies and toddlers.

Conserving resources

– Compared to the production of conventional textiles, the production of microfilament fabrics makes a sustainable contribution to saving raw materials, because they are two to four times lighter and replace conventional materials – with the same or better performance.
– Water consumption in the manufacturing process is around 400 times lower than in the production of cotton fabrics.
– In addition, the water used during the manufacturing process is treated and reused in the company.

Bio Cotton

We only use certified organic cotton for our neurodermatitis overalls.