As one of the leading companies in the field of allergen immunotherapy (AIT), Allergopharma is committed to be an innovation leader. We are constantly working to develop faster, safer, more effective and more convenient solutions in the field of allergies.

With our own in-house research and collaborations with leading research institutions, we contribute to a better understanding of the immunologic mechanisms involved in the development and treatment of allergies.

In the field of preclinical research, we look into promising options such as new intelligent forms of administration, adjuvants and biomarkers. At the same time, our clinical development teams work to improve treatment schedules for the available products. Recently, we were able to show, that intervals between AIT injections with our drugs can be prolonged and that the number of updosing injections can be reduced while retaining an excellent efficacy and safety profile.

Apart from generating data to underline the safety and efficacy of our AIT products, we take an active part in answering the most urgent questions in the field of allergy. Allergopharma establish both, the long-term safety and efficacy as well as disease modifying effects of AIT, a fact that is widely accepted among allergy specialists today. In addition, we are also working on standardization of clinical parameters. Our Allergy-Control-SCORE™ was the first validated symptom medication score for AIT trials.

As a research based company, we know how important independent research and exchange within the scientific community is to prepare the ground for major innovations. We contribute to international research projects like HIALINE, CREATE and BSP090. Allergopharma is also committed to support allergy research by providing a platform for scientific expert discussion and sponsoring young researchers.

Our FASIT (Future of the Allergists and Allergen Specific Immunotherapy) meetings bring together renowned experts from across the world to discuss current developments. With the Allergopharma Award Award that we initiated in cooperation with the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), we want to encourage and support the research of young scientists in this area.

50 years of experience

At Allergopharma we have 50 years of experience in the field of allergy. Allergopharma was founded in 1969 by Joachim Ganzer and the pharmaceutical company Hermal. In 1989 Merck acquired Hermal and resold the company in 1996, but kept its share of Allergopharma. From 2013 to 2020 Allergopharma was fully integrated into Merck as the Allergy Business Unit. Since 2020 Allergopharma is a company of the Dermapharm Holding.

Preclinical development and research at Allergopharma

At Allergopharma we understand allergies as an immunologic disease. As the knowledge in the field of immunology is evolving in a dramatic pace and new technologies become available, we see a tremendous opportunity for major innovations in the field of allergen immunotherapy (AIT).

In our facilities in Reinbek we work with these findings in targeted research projects. Here we identify the optimal components for second-generation hypoallergenic AIT products that can make causal treatment of allergies faster, safer, more effective and more convenient. For this, we are currently looking into a broad range of options including new intelligent forms of administration, adjuvants and biomarkers.

Clinical development at Allergopharma

Hypoallergic high dose allergen immunotherapy (AIT) products are the major focus of the clinical development teams at Allergopharma. For all our products in development, we aim to establish a thorough clinical efficacy and safety profile in all four categories defined by the regulatory authorities: acute effect, sustained effect, long-term effect and cure of allergy. Furthermore, we are constantly working to improve the tolerability, efficacy and convenience of our products. Our major short-term goals are the extension of intervals from one injection to the other and the shortening of the overall treatment time.

With 50 years of experience in the field of allergies, we are dedicated to take an active part in answering some of the most urgent questions in allergy treatment: Together with leading experts, Allergopharma provided the first definition for a cure of allergy. We were able to establish the long-term and disease modifying effect of AIT, with 12-year post treatment data published. We have also demonstrated an early onset of effect of subcutaneous AIT after only 6 weeks pre-seasonal treatment. In addition, we generated valuable insights on how to treat children and patients suffering from asthma.

We work on the standardization and validation of clinical parameters to make study results in the field of allergy more comparable. As a company, we developed the first validated symptom medication score in the field of allergies: the Allergy-Control-SCORE™. We are also working towards the use of controlled settings like a pollen chamber in pivotal studies, which would make the clinical results less prone to variations in the pollen seasons.

On a more general plane, we also generate clinical insights and data to shape the paradigms for treatment of allergies. After running comparisons with AIT and symptomatic agents and having demonstrated a clear advantage for AIT, we now look into the optimal timing for starting causal therapy. Current guidelines still recommend at least two years of symptomatic treatment before starting a AIT.