Our company has been established on the market for many years as a specialist for allergy encasings and neurodermatitis overalls. As a manufacturer of our products, we have always attached great importance to producing in Germany. Our long-standing encasing production is located in Donauwörth, Bavaria. In order to expand our production capacities and due to our proximity to our headquarters in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, we opened a new production facility in Hagenow in 2015. Here we have direct insight into the production process and personal contact with the people in production. Solutions can be found together and implemented quickly.

We are particularly proud of our cooperation with the Lebenshilfewerk. A project has been created here that brings together disabled and non-disabled people to work together. In Hagenow in Mecklenburg – just a few kilometres from the company headquarters – both the Allergo Encasings and the neurodermatitis overalls are manufactured by hand with great care and attention to detail. In a unique inclusion project, a kind of “glass encasing production” has been created in the centre of Hagenow, creating around 20 new jobs for disabled and non-disabled people. Disabled people are very concerned and need to be perceived and integrated as part of society. An occupation that gives them fun and meaning in their lives, exchange and community are just as important to them as non-disabled people. Glass production offers these possibilities through its visibility into the production area and its central location in the city centre with walk-in customers.

To produce a high-quality health product responsibly also means to constantly check the production processes and to always pay attention to consistently high quality. We implement this in our plant in Hagenow. Anyone who receives an Allergo Encasing from Hagenow knows that it was made by people who enjoy a fair social standard. With our products “Made in Germany” you can be sure that the quality in all delivery and production areas is maintained at the highest level and regularly checked.