Supporting Allergy Professionals and Biomedical Research.

Supporting Allergy Professionals and Biomedical Research.


Diagenics Ltd specialises in the distribution and technical support of allergy testing, diagnostic test kits, mite-proof bedding and eczema dressing.



Our extensive range of products and services is tailored to meet all the needs of allergy sufferers, healthcare professionals and biomedical researchers both within the UK and internationally.

Allergy Testing

We offer an extensive range of products for allergy testing for both immediate (Type 1) and delayed (Type 4) hypersensitivities and immunotherapy treatments for immediate hypersensitivity.

Biomedical Research

As the UK distributor for Mercodia, the world-leading developer and manufacturer of high quality immunoassays, we support scientists and researchers with a wide range of diagnostic test kits, with applicatons in research and clinical laboratories.

Biomedical Research

As well as Mercodia, we supply kits from other suppliers of diagnostic test kits such as EIAab and Fine Biotech.


SinuSalt Nasal  Irrigation is a class 1 medical device which moisturises the nasal cavity and can help to clear colds, viruses and pollutants alongside improving symptoms of the common cold, allergies, and discomfort from sinus surgery.

Mite-Proof Bedding

Partnered with Allergo Healthcare we provide the mite-proof bedding option of Allergocover®. It consists of a tightly woven microfibre fabric, specifically designed to meet the requirements of patients with dust-mite allergies.


As well as providing a large range of products for skin prick and patch testing we also offer free, on-site or virtual training with one of our dedicated product specialists.

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Our History

Our History


Founded in 1994, Diagenics has established its name through its many years’ experience both in the field of allergy diagnosis and treatment, and in the supply and technical support of ELISA kits for research and routine laboratories.
We proudly celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2019.
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